Homeowner’s HVAC Maintenance Guide

It’s that time of the year again…Air conditioning time.

For the most part, the heating and air conditioning system that you’re using is always running. Whether it is cooling or heating it’s operating 24/7 and, as such, regular HVAC service and maintenance is required. Just like a person, your heating and cooling system is going to give some symptoms that you’ll notice long before it breaks down. It will start to be less efficient and show signs of wear and tear. Regular maintenance is important because every part of your air conditioner or heating unit needs to be kept in peak operating condition not only to be efficient, but to be safe.

Air Filters & Indoor Coil

Normally when we consider the filter we’re thinking about air quality. There are other reasons to keep the unit clean. They must stay clean to maintain the right air flow and to prevent mold from building up in the AC unit. If dirt is packed into place the unit can become clogged, leading to overflows, water damage and other issues. The heat transfer doesn’t take place efficiently and of course that means that it’s going to cost you a lot more to pay for the cooling that you need to have accomplished every day.

Condenser Coils

The external part of the system, this is on the outside and it’s where the transfer of heat is going to take place. The pressure of the refrigerant is kept down and the compressor is protected here, making your entire air conditioning unit run better and with a greater amount of efficiency. As the coil is exposed, regular cleaning is most important here.

Unit Lubrication

It is imperative that you lubricate any of the moving parts on your unit. This will be the key to keeping the unit living longer. Our technicians can help you to know which parts of the unit require lubrication and how you can accomplish this between regular maintenance if you so desire.

Electrical Connections

The air conditioning and heating unit has a wide range of different electrical parts. Each of these has a connection. Over time those connections can become loosened and will build up heat. This can cause failure of the unit overall. Usually this is going to happen in the hottest part of the summer or the coldest part of the winter. Make sure that all electrical connections are checked and tightened or have that accomplished with your regular air conditioning maintenance.

The Refrigerant

The heating and cooling pump system that you have requires a refrigerant. It is imperative to maintain the proper level of coolant in the system. If you have too little it can damage the compressor. Having too much can do the same thing.


The duct work in your system is going to be another part that needs a regular inspection. It won’t perform well if it isn’t inspected regularly because vibration and other things can cause the ducting to pull apart and not give the kind of seal that you need to keep the house cool or warm as it should be. This results in a higher heating or cooling bill and that you’re spending money to literally heat or cool the outside.

Every aspect of your heating and cooling system requires a quick once over on a yearly basis. We’ll be pleased to ensure that your system is working at peak efficiency. Call for an annual inspection today before the winter time is upon us again.